First of all, it is my honor that you hit this page and are looking to work more closely with us.

If you are looking to turn your passion of Traveling into an extra stream of income OR you are wanting to partner with us to become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, escape the rat race, make a difference and create a life you truly love, you have arrived at the right place.

Being avid travellers and travel blog-writers have given us the opportunity to study many different business plans, programs, products, services, and distribution channels, but quite frankly, there are great specific reasons why I chose the business I’m in:

  • A product that hasMass Market Appeal and Everyone Already Wants (Travel!)
  • A Business you can expand internationally with aPhone/Laptop and an Internet Connection
  • A Business you can build based onYour Own Schedule (spare time, part-time OR full-time)
  • ASimple System that Duplicates and can create Residual Passive Income over time.
  • AnAward-Winning Product with a track record of success (no risky-start ups or trial products)
  • HasNO physical product to worry about
  • Anaffordable Start-Up Fee (only a few US dollars) and has No Income Ceiling
  • A business idea that hasExploded with Rapid Growth even in a down economy
  • A product that isFun and would Enhance Your Personal Brand (lifestyle!)
  • ADistribution Channel that leverages on your Personal Network as well as 21st century technology such as the Internet and Social Media
    – An Equal Opportunity that does Not discriminate against age, gender, skin color, educational level and experience
    – Mentors and a Team to Support and Guide you along your entrepreneurial journey
    – A World-Class Training Platform Online and Offline to support you


We are not aware if any of these items are also important to you, but when you are starting a business, it is important to find something that fits you and that you are passionate in.

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