How I Afford To Travel All The Time


How Could Afford To Travel All the Time?

  1. She is only 22 and in 2016, she has already flown 35 times, exploring the different cities of America.
  2. She has been longing to travel since 18 but she had not found a way to do so cheaply till age 21.
  3. So, here she is, sharing how she managed to do that at age 21.
  • Quit paying for the addon costs.  Who cares for the priority seats or even Window Seats?  Stop paying for the extras.  You just want to travel.
  • Stop splurging on unnecessary material goods.  You do not have to chase after the latest brand or the trendiest stuff.  Save the money for travelling.
  • Market yourself on Social Media as a Travel Writer and companies will start calling you up to pay for your travels.  You have to be patient and be consistent in your efforts, please.
  • Join a Travel Club Referral Programme – Travel and Make Money at the same time.   This is one example : World’s Coolest Travel Club

You can do it.  You can be like her.  Just have the guts to move forward.