Well,  we hopping along to Lunch in a Hawker Centre in Singapore when we came across this interesting scene.

There were many rows of empty seats and we thought we were in luck.   It was lunch time and the hawker centre that we were at was situated in the Central Business District.   Mind you,  the Central Business is the busiest and most bustling part of Singapore on a working day.   Lunchtime hours always witnesses packed crowds at this hawker centre.   To our surprise, as mentioned earlier, there were many rows of empty seats.

However,  yes, there is a however,  when we eagerly moved towards the empty seats,  to our surprise, there were small items placed and left on the seats.   What were they?

We asked the locals.   They were kinda shy to tell us.   Some of the friendlier ones told us that it was a uniquely Singapore culture.   What?   Placing small items on a seat is considered culture.   However, out of respect for each country,  we decided to observe further.

True enough, after 10 minutes of intense scrutiny and sleuth work,  we discovered something interesting.

Each time a person approaches an “empty seat” and the moment he saw a small item placed on it,  he will move away with a slight frown on his forehead.

Many others did the same thing as well.   They moved away each time they saw the small items on the seats despite the seats having no occupants.

Then,  we realised that when the rightful owner turned up,  all he did was just to reclaim the item and sit sit down to enjoy his meal.

What an interesting sight to behold!

Even namecards were left on the seats.