Well,  swimming has been a weekly affair for us in Singapore and on this island,  there is no lack of swimming pool.   Pasir Ris is the lucky town with a fantastic swimming complex.  Let me tell you why.

Firstly, there is a huge huge children play pool.   It has fantastic slides for children and a labyrinth of water sprays and paths for children to explore.

Next, there are also 2 adult slides for anyone above 1.2 m to enjoy the thrill of sliding down 10 m from above sea level.   Though the slides do not twist and twirl like those in water theme parks,  they are sufficient for anyone keen for that intermediate level of thrill.

There is also a approximately 3-feet deep pool for beginner-swimmers.   Usually, it is packed during weekends, brimming with learner-swimmers.   Finally,  you cannot have a complete swimming complex without a Olympic-sized pool,  and in the case of Paair Rid Swimming Complex,  it is half an Olympic-sized pool.

The entrance fee is reasonable, at only S$2.50.   And that is for unlimited time.

My 2 children just love the swimming complex.  It is truly worth a visit.