The 24th and 25th of May were simply unforgettable days for my wife and I.   We went on a self-discovery journey while attending a Musical Event at Shah Alam Malaysia.

The name of the event is known as “The View”.  Basically,  the View showcases a number of characters in their very own individual scenes.  The main lead character is a man by the name of Marc Acceta.   He is the chief trainer.   His roles are always the lead roles in all of the scenes enacted.   In each scene , Marc Acceta always delivers the message across that enhances personal growth.

Allow me to highlight one of the roles below,

In this scene, he played the role of a pilot.   Marc Acceta was trying to drive across the message of us going through  life as a pilot of our plane.  We should be as lazer-focussed as the pilot in the cockpit.   Once in awhile,  we can set the plane to autopilot mode but that cannot be for an extended period of time.  Therefore,  like the pilot,  we should absolutely  take responsibility of our own lives and stay focussed on your dreams and aspirations.  A pilot will always understand and know where to land.   You should know where to land too.   Just do not wander around aimlessly.

There was also a knighting ceremony in which people who have led well in organisations were recognised on stage.    Angelika Dahmen and Fan Hong were knighted.  They are 2 remarkable leaders who have done wonders to lead women towards empowerment.

2 other scenes resonated the loudest in me. The first was when Marc Acceta started playing a guitar and singing along on stage to fulfill his childhood dream. That was my dream too. And like him, I was told to be more practical and to give up on that dream. The second was the scene where Marc Access choked when he recounted the story of someone facing Death. The person had no qualms in telling Death in the eye that he had led a life that he had always wanted, and he was ready to go. I too envisioned myself saying that, and being surrounded by loved ones saying that Grandpa had indeed led a fulfilling life. That’s my vision.

Come join us next year (yes, it’s an annual event at a different Asian city each year).   You will experience a thoroughly wonderful self-enriching and self-reflection session.     Email me if you are keen to find out more.