Stop Paying Retail for Your Travels

Guest Post from My Friend : Kim from Australia

Stop Paying Retail for Your Travels

I posted this picture last week and it brings a smile to my dial seeing it in action!
Friends don’t let friends pay retail when they know there’s a better way!

Technology is a game changer.

People always ask me how I travel so much and I’m always open to sharing how I do it, some are open to listen and get the benefits some arnt so they keep paying retail or get stuck staying at home!

This lady is an accountant so she knows her numbers!

Thanks for the share Amy Kickett!
Love seeing you and your family experiencing more :

Amy’s post :

People are making comments about me travelling or asking how can i travel so much. So i decided to start adding up my savings over the last two years and was quite blown away. Its one thing to judge but another thing to actually know what you are judging! Im glad i made my choice and didnt judge if i had there is no way i would have been able to save this much so far!

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you wish to find out more about you can utilise and benefit from this disruptive technology, leave your Name and Skype ID below.  If you do not have a Skype ID, drop me your handphone number below in the Comments Section.

See you!  Remember, do not pay retail for your travels!