We remember our trip to Sunway Lagoon clearly.   It was Christmas time 2015 and my wife and I decided to surprise our child with a trip up north to Sunway Lagoon.   It was truly a fantastic trip.   Much awesome memories were created there.

When we arrived at the Sunway Lagoon Hotel, we were given an express check-in lane.   Imagine the large crowd staring at us when our check-in was expedited, and they had to wait in the line.

To our amazement next, after we had received our keys to the room, we were ushered to a standalone backdrop flanked by 2 beautiful ladies dressed in Santa Hats for a photo-shoot.   Wow.  The Christmas Spirit truly had come alive at Sunway Lagoon!

The next amazing thing to happen was the scene that greeted us when we entered our room.  Neatly laid on the bed was a set of reindeer hats., 2 bottles of wine and a pair of beautifully-wrapped Christmas gifts.  This sight presented in front of us enthralled us greatly.   I have never had such amazing encounters.

For the next 3 days, it was fun and more fun – A Christmas Party, A Free and Easy Day at Sunway Lagoon with $200 Ringgit Free Credits etc.

Just imagine this – the whole park was closed to the public and my family and I, together with a group of friends, were free to rom Sunway Lagoon, enjoying its facilities.

Just imagine this – A Christmas Party for the young and old and graced by so many of us in Santa and Reindeer costumes.   Simply marvelous!

Watch the video below to experience the joy that we had.

It was truly an amazing trip.

See you real soon at Sunway Lagoon!