Changi Village, as the name suggests, used to be a quaint little village.   In the past,  it served as the docking place for fishing boats returning from fishing ground in the South China Sea.   It was also the place where British Airforce personnel from the nearby Changi airbase restock their provisions.  Then,  the last crucial role that Changi Village was also a jetty for boats setting off for nearby islands like Pulau Ubin and places in mainland Malaysia like Penggarang.

Come to think of it,  the Changi  Village of today has not changed its many of its roles.   In the 21st Century,  Changi Village continues to play the above 3 roles.   In fact,  2 more have been added to it.   The first of the 2 is that it is now a famous food paradise for Singaporeans.  Among the well-known food items are the Carrot Cake,  the Nasi Lemak (particularly the stall named International), the Bittergourd Hor Fun, the Satay Bee Hoon and the Sliced-Chicken Noodles.    The next new role that Changi Village plays in the 21st Century is that the village has become an important pokestop for Pokemon fans (Please refer to video).


Here is a glimpse of the modern day Changi Village.

I wonder how many years has this lady been selling Chicken Rice at Changi Village Hawker Centre.   If only her wrinkles can reveal some clues to me….

Muslim food in galore!

Dessert and Drinks anyone?

A makeshift stall for cooked Jackfruit Seeds.

Ice Kachang (Peanut Ice)

Fishing accessories are sold aplenty at Changi Village

Camping accessories too are aplenty at Changi Village.

A family having fun at Changi Village

A drink stall

The weekend crowd at Changi Village

Another fun day at Changi Village

Even the storks love Changi Village

What more can you ask for?   We would like to end off with the probably best food, best music and best ambience at Changi Village on a Saturday evening.

The Band,  Imperfection,  performing at Change Village on the 16 Oct 2016.

Baby boy dancing to the songs of the Live Band.

That’s all for Changi Village