Cycling is one of the most eco-friendly ways to travel, and thanks to this solar-powered bike lane that effectively becomes glow in the dark bicycle path at night, it just got even more so.

The luminous blue cycling strip, which can be found near Lidzbark Warminski in the north of Poland, was created by TPA Instytut Badań Technicznych Sp. z o.o. It’s made from a synthetic material that can give out light for up to ten hours at a time once charged by the sun throughout the day. Although the concept was inspired by Studio Roosegaarde’s Starry Night bike lane in the Netherlands, the technology is quite different as the Dutch version uses LEDs whereas this one is entirely dependent upon solar power.      Read more……..


Personal Thoughts on the “Glow in the Dark Bicycle Path”:

I certainly think that this is a good idea for the following reasons :

a.   Firstly, it is energy efficient.  The “glowing effect” is entirely reliant on solar energy and this reduces the dependence on fossil fuels, which in turn leads to reduction in the production of carbon dioxide in the burning of the fossil fuels.

b.   Secondly, it provides a great aesthetic feel to the park at night.   Compared to parks lit by street lamps, the pictures displayed above clearly present a different night scene of a park.   Maintenance cost can be reduced to a minimum as well – no repairs of faulty street bulbs required, no painting of lamp posts required and most importantly, no laying of electrical cables needed that potentially destroys the natural habitat of animals or upset the roots of the flora in the park etc.  Certainly, the “Glow in the Dark Bicycle Path” is a laudable innovative idea.

c.    Lastly, it helps to get cyclists stay focus on their paths at night instead of trespassing into the flora and fauna.  It also helps to keep the pedestrians away from the cyclists with well-defined and well-lit paths.