Find Out the Best Time To Book Flights

Some of you may not realize that for every airline and destination that you choose, there is a best time to book the flight that saves you the greatest amount of money.   The best timings vary from country to country. For example, the best time in Australia to book a flight to China may differ from the best time in Singapore to book a flight to China.   The 2 diagrams below highlight the differences:



The data above was extracted from this marvelous website Skyscanner.   When you have a good idea of the best periods of time to book your flights to get the best deals, it will definitely go a long way to save a fair bit of money on your travelling expenses.

As I browsed through the Skyscanner website, I am simply amazed by the amount of good information that it presented. Here are a few extracted examples:


  1. For the Australian market “Best time to travel – November  So we’ve crunched the Best Time to Book numbers, what are they saying?  For starters, the cheapest month to travel is November with 12% savings on airfare costs.  And it’ll come as no surprise that December is by far the most expensive month to fly with prices skyrocketing to as much as 20% over the holiday period.  It’s definitely worth booking your year-end trips as far in advance as possible.”

b. The following is for the Singapore Market :


So, if you are keen to find out more, visit the Skyscanner website: .


Stay Local

I am sure you would have heard of AirBnB. If you have not heard of AirBnB, it is time you give this website a major bookmark. This website has completely disrupted the hotel / tourism industry.  AirBnB simply broadens the definition of tourism accommodation and it too redefines what is possible of local homestay.     In laymen terms, it has made tourism accommodation highly affordable.   Allow me to highlight a price comparison example that I did of a trip to Penang:

This is a comparison of prices for the same range of accommodation at Georgetown, Penang.


That’s a saving of 64 Ringgit!

I simply love the disruption that AirBnB brought to the Travel Industry.  

Another example coming up:

This time round, I am highlighting accommodations in Ipoh, Malaysia.



That’s a saving of 42 MYR (Malaysian Ringgit)!


The next great thing about taking up AirBnB accommodations is that it gives you the opportunity to interact with locals up close and personal. The hosts will be able to provide information on the famous eateries, shopping venues and places of interests that I believe hotel staff would not be able to do just as well. The hotel staff simply has too many customers to attend to and certainly will not be able to sit down with you over coffee to help you plan your next visit. On many occasions, I have even had dinner or lunch sessions with the hosts, and once a stronger relationship has been firmed up, I have even had free transport to places of interests and to the airport.  


That’s the beauty of utilizing AirBnB. Click on the link now to visit AirBnB. Click here => AirBnB

Join a Facebook Group to Alert You To Deals

Get sweetened deal alerts sent to your handphone every now and then.   There are plenty of good Travel Facebook Groups around.   One highly recommended Facebook page is that of Travelcone’s. It curates information from other reputable individual websites. It even teaches how a traveller can make money while travelling.   Facebook Page – Travelcone, is simply cool!

Click here to visit and like the Facebook Page =>   Travelcone.



Join a Travel Club / Lifestyle Club – It is The Future of Travel

The idea of a travel club is new.   Previously, there may be localized travel clubs formed by individuals who shared similar travelling habits and preferences, but the recent emergence of a global travel club has attracted massive attention. Initially, my mind was closed to it because I thought it was one of the many timeshare companies out there. However, after looking at a few of my friends coming back from their trips thoroughly satisfied and happy, I took a peek, recently, into the Travel Club’s operations and functions and I was thoroughly impressed.  Now, I am one of the most active members of this Travel Club. Here’s a few benefits that I enjoyed as a member of this Club.


a.   The Travel Club offers Trip or Tour Packages at amazing prices.


b.    The Travel Club is truly confident that its Trip Packages are offered at the lowest prices out there. It offers a Dream Price Promise to members that if a member manages to find another similar package offered by another travel platform at an even lower price, the Travel Club will refund in full whatever amount the member has paid for its travel package and still allow the member to go for the trip for free.


c.    The Travel Club has its own Travel Booking Engine as well.   The Booking Engine itself offers amazing technological advances.  It boasts of a Rate Shrinker technology whereby if you book a flight ticket or hotel stay in advance through the booking engine, and the prices of the flight ticket or accommodation change between the period that you booked and before you fly off, the Booking Engine will automatically cancel the original booking and rebook the new lower cost ticket or hotel stay for you.


d.    The Booking Engine offers also a Price Pledge whereby within 24 hours after booking your flight ticket or hotel stay, if you discover a lower cost on another booking engine for the same flight or hotel stay that you have booked, you will be refunded 150% of the price difference in terms of travel bucks.   These travel bucks can be used for future travel packages and ala carte bookings.   On many occasions, I actually accumulated enough travel bucks to book flights or go for travelling packages for free! Amazing, isn’t it?

e.     Another amazing offer of this Travel Club is its Dreamtrip Local offers. The Travel Club ties up with cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, sandwich joints and eateries to allow members to dine their way to travel dollars. Similarly, these travel dollars can be exchanged for overseas trips too. Again, since I enjoy great food, the points that I earned have often allowed me to travel at great discounted rates or for free!


f.     Last but not least, this Travel / Lifestyle Club offers members a franchising opportunity to interested members to run it as a business.   In other words, you can travel and make money at the same time!   That is how I continue to make a living through travelling. I am also making a living, living.


g.     Like all Travel Clubs, there is a membership fee involved if you wish to join it. However, the amazing thing is that all membership fees paid are converted into travel points and these travel points can be used in paying for the travel packages. And, each dollar that you paid commensurates or equates to one point.   In other words, every dollar that you paid goes back to you as savings for you to travel. To top it all, the Franchise Licence or Referral Programme being offered to members at a nominal fee helps one to continue to be the Travel Club member for free.   I have not paid a sinle cent after the first month. Simply awesome!


As this is a highly-exclusive travel club, if you are wondering which Club this is and you would very much like to find out more, do email me at   Remember to state in your email, your name, your skype ID, the city you are from, and the best time for me to contact you.


I have completed my sharing. Though it is a simpe ebook, these are genuine methods that I have used to save money on my travels (or even travel for free) and at the same time, make money to go for even more trips. I am truly making a living, travelling, and making a living, living.