Setting Off for Legoland, Malaysia on 22 Dec 2016

It was a fine sunny day on the 22 Dec 2016.   We set off eagerly for the Legoland Theme Park in Malaysia early in the morning.   We actually booked a huge multi-purpose 10-seater vehicle to accommodate the 8 of us plus our luggage.    The road trip was smooth with very little traffic.  We were pleasantly surprised because it was on a weekday morning.  The morning hours are usually packed with cars because those were working hours.   We were indeed blessed.


Transport to Legoland from Singapore

The transport was truly comfortable and highly affordable.  A to-and-fro trip from Singapore to Legoland  cost only about $260 for all 8 of us.  Self-driving to Malaysia may cost less, but the savings is not significant because of the tolls and petrol that you need to fork out as well if you drive in on a Singapore-registered licence plate car.   The transport that we had was registered in Malaysia and hence the tolls were cheaper.


Here’s the contact for the Transport Company :  Sok Chin, Handphone Number :  +6591886848.   This company provides transport to all parts of Malaysia and they are the cheapest in the market.  We have done our research.


Pre-Legoland Routine – Hotel

We actually booked a hotel in JB Town Central by the name of Hallmark Regency.   2 advantages of doing so :

a.   We wanted to stay till around 8 plus at Legoland.  By then, the kids would have been too exhausted to return to Singapore.  Therefore, a taxi ride to JB Central would be ideal as the trip only costs 60 Ringgit and it is only a 20-minute duration journey.

b.   Purchasing tickets from the hotel would save you about 30% of the costs as compared to if you were to purchase it directly at the entrance of the park.

This 3-year old hotel is highly recommended, based on online reviews, for its spacious rooms.  Its family suites consist of one queen bed and two twins, or double queen-sized beds.  Every family suite comes with bathtubs too.  We chose the family suites as our kids like to frolic in the bathtubs.  Our kids had an hour of bathtub water fight and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.   For a night stay in the family suite, it costs only about USD$46.   We booked the hotel through the Rovia Booking Engine and we got our price pledge too (the lowest price promised).  Fantastic deal that we had.

By the way, there is a reasonably-sized food court just behind the hotel and there are many stalls in there selling great food.   It is a short 3 mins walk from the hotel.  The food court is opened from about 1 pm – 12 am every day.

The only con that we can think of staying in the hotel is that the hotel is not that well-maintained.  The shower head was faulty and we had to ask for a change.  So was the TV Remote Control.



Legoland is a big theme park.  To list down all the attractions here will be almost impossible.  Here, we will just list down a few “must-play” ones.

Boating School

We went to the boating school.  Basically, it is a motorised 2-seater boat ride along a man-made water track.   It is definitely a fun ride for the kids as they got to pilot the motor-boat through the waterway.   The safety precautions were adequate as well as the ride requires any child under 3 or any non-swimmers to be wearing life-jackets.   By the end of the ride, we were proud to be self-declared boat captains.


We get to work as a Team for this.  Basically, it involves a group of us hopping onto a fire engine and race the fire engine all the way to a building on fire.  The movement of the fire engine depends on 2 personnel working on a level-engine.  Usually, the adults would be the ones involved as the act of propelling the engine requires much stamina and strength.   The kids would be the ones anticipating at the edge of the fire engine, all ready to hop down to douse the fire when the fire engine comes to a stop right in front of the burning building.    The kids certainly had a lot of fun using real jet sprays of water to douse the flames while the adults had to work on the pumps on the ground to channel the water to the hose.

This activity is great for cultivating teamwork in a family unit.

The Dragon Lair Roller Coaster

This ride is definitely an exciting one for the kids.  You get to climb up the stairs of a castle and head straight into its depths for a chance to ride on the dragon.  As the ride starts, you will get to wander past dramatic scenes of fighting, jostling and interactions in a  typical castle setting.   Slowly, you will sense that you are approaching light at the end of the tunnel, and before you know it…   you will be plunged down the deepest end of the abyss.  You will definitely scream your heart out, especially if you are a child.

Truly a fun ride for the family.  However, children under 3 or anyone under 90 cm are not allowed on the ride because of the height element.


A Even Scarier Roller Coaster

I must admit that Legoland is truly one for the kids.  Therefore, one should not be expecting highly-scary rides in the park.   Hence, we were rather surprised when this roller coaster presented itself right in front of us.   It has definitely the height element.   It has the “plunging from height” element as well.  The plunge in fact was rather steep.  Many in the queue were sharing with us on how scary it was to take the front seat.   True enough, when we went onto it, it scared the sense and sensibility out of us.   Honestly, it was not the scariest that we have encountered in the countless amusement parks that we had been to.   However, because of the kids’ element of Legoland, we literally had a shock when the fright element presented itself while we were on the ride.

Unfortunately, we failed to take any pictures for this ride because it was simply an awe-inspiring ride for us.  We were simply overwhelmed.  Do go and experience the thrills yourself when you are at the park.


Ninja Go

This is the latest attraction in Legoland.  It involves a ride into a medieval Japanese castle and as you progress deeper and deeper into the castle, you got to fight lots of demons and dragons with your Ninja darts and super power.   It is virtual reality at its best.   You just need to swing your arms and at the end of your each move, you will see darts flying towards your intended targets.   This special effect is achieved through the pair of 3D spectacles that one wears.  Hence, the ride was pretty exciting for us as we felt life-like dragons hurtling towards us at great speed.   Thanks for installing this new attraction.  Certainly worth the 45 minutes queue.

Star Wars Gallery

This is a fabulous gallery which showcases what Lego can create.  Very amazing because the lego creations bear so much resemblance to the actual ones.   Words themselves cannot describe how real the sculptures were.  Take a close look at the pictures, please.

How did they manage to create these structures using Lego baffles us.


Again, this gallery or park showcases what Lego can create.  This time round, Lego helped to create many famous landmarks from all corners of the globe.  This includes the Angkor Wat of Cambodia, the Taj Mahal from India, the Great Wall of China, the Petronas Twin Towers and the Clarke Quay area of Singapore.   Fantastic exhibits.



Do pay the park a visit.  Highly-recommended, with kids tagging along, of course.