Travel Scams in Nepal

In recent years, in Nepal, there have been a number of crime-related scams that are targeted at tourists.  Here’s what you need to be aware of to stay safe

There are a number of checkpoints run by the police in Kathmandu and throughout Nepal. Sometimes, attempts are made close to these border posts to extort money from foreigners. Another increasing problem are the attempts to set up partnerships with foreign visitors. These typically involve financial assistance exporting goods or establishing shipping routes and promise large returns which never materialise.

Travelers should be vigilant and avoid offering to carry jewelry to a business contact overseas. This has resulted in some getting heavy fines at the border. The local police should be informed about requests to carry items, however, the reality is that the authorities are under-resourced and many crimes go unresolved.

Drug Smuggling

Drugs and drug smuggling is taken very seriously with heavy fines and custodial sentences if caught. Even small amounts of marijuana can result in a five-year jail sentence. Never get involved in drugs in Nepal.

It is also important to thoroughly research any voluntary or charitable organization that you are considering, as several organizations have taken money from well-meaning volunteers. The Social Service Council of Nepal has a list of bona fide organizations.

Keep Your Credit Cards Out of Sight

Always keep your credit card with you and do not let it out of your sight when making purchases. Travelers have returned to find thousands of dollars of internet porn charges on their cards after it had been skimmed. When taking a taxi, ask the driver to use the meter. Many refuse and then try and charge exorbitant rates, so agree the fare before you get into the cab.   See more…