Tokyo In A Nutshell (Infographic)

The Creator of this infographic has painstaking done an intensive research on the interesting places to visit in Tokyo.  You can print this infographic out if you plan to roam around Tokyo on your own.  Definitely, the places shown or presented here are some of the best places to visit around in Tokyo.   I shall term this infographic, “Tokyo in a Nutshell”.


Some of the places mentioned here include the famous Shinjuku, Ginza and Kichijoji areas.  Based on the places recommended, you can google them for a brief introductions before setting off.   Read about the history and culture of the places.  Find out about the interesting streets around those areas.   On the day of visit, set off with your Google Map App and start visiting these places.  I am convinced that you will thoroughly enjoy your tour of Tokyo.


One thing to take note is that as the Japanese are extremely disciplined and courteous people, please be mindful of local culture when you are queuing up for food and the metro.   Queue-cutting is extremely frowned upon and speaking loudly is a no-no.   You should bow often to say thank you.  I would recommend that you smile often too.  Keep a litter bag by your side to dispose off your garbage.  This will make your stay in Tokyo even more pleasant.


I just love Tokyo!  Of course, I have a disclaimer to make.  The places recommended here are based on preferences of the creator of this infographic. These places coincide with the places that I love in Tokyo as well.  While I am confident that the majority of the readers here would love these places well, I do acknowledge that a small minority may disagree with me.  Nonetheless, let’s hop on the plane or train and enjoy your tour to Tokyo!  And, one gentle reminder, get your best walking shoes!