Your Opinion oF Yourself Becomes Reality

Your opinion of yourself becomes the reality.   Take note that your thoughts become reality!

If you have all these doubts, no one will believe in you.  Everything will go wrong.

The higher your self-belief, the higher your power to transform reality.  If you believe you can, you can.  Having supreme confidence makes you fearless and persistent, allowing you to overcome obstacles that stop most people in their tracks.

You have a set of skills and experiences that make you unique.   They point to some life tasks that you were meant to accomplish.   

“The easiest way of dealing with the fear of failure is to be more fearful of not taking action, to be more fearful of settling for a life that is far below what you deserve or desire.   The difference between work and mission is a sense of meaning.    When what you are doing is meaningful, it is not work.”

You must understand that people constantly attack you in life.   One of their weapons will be to instill doubts about yourself into you.   They will make you doubt your worth, your potential and ability.   

They will often disguise this as their objective opinions, but invariably, it as a political purpose.    They want to keep you down.

In every moment of your life, you must deny people this power.  You do so by maintaining a sense of purpose.  You must believe that you are fulfilling a high destiny.   

What makes us suffer are our thoughts.   Most people do not master their minds and so their minds go crazy!   We believe our thoughts.  We believe that if these do not happen in our lives, we are going to be so stressed.   Most of these are just bullshit.  The mind is just looking at what’s wrong.   

“What is the payoff?  What is the payoff?  There were many occasions in my career that I was just looking for the safe route.  However, I told myself that I cannot be there and have my soul at a completely different attract.   It is therefore always worth risking.”

You might ask everyday how do you grow.  You must realise that at the end of each day, you are not the same person anymore.   You go to bed everyday definitely with an insight or revelation.     You have definitely tried something new.   I do not want to be the same person 365 days from now.  This is not raising my standard.  I am competing against myself!  

How can you do the same stuff over and over again each year and expecting better results?  Dream on!

Resources are never the problem.  It is the lack of resourcefulness that causes one to fail.   The ultimate resources are your emotional states.   

If you are resourceful enough, can you find the answer?  “Yes” or “No”?   If you are determined enough, can you find the answer?  “Yes’ or “No”?  You are passionate and loving enough, can you get someone to help you?  Yes or no?   Creative, decisiveness, passion, honesty, sincerity and love, these are the ultimate human resources.  When you engage these resources, you can get any other resources on earth.   

Resourcefulness is the ultimate resource.

If you do not have what you want, stop telling yourself that you do not have the money or the time, because that is bullshit.  The reason why you have not got what you want is because you are still not committed enough to your cause, or you have yet to burn your bridges.   If you want the island, you got to burn the boat!   We will give you the army to succeed because people just want to follow Leaders who are dying to be committed to succeed!  

If you truly want to make your dream come true, it is time to stop telling yourself the things that make you no different from the average person out there who is addicted to a pay check but stuck in a job that he or she does not enjoy.

The average person is playing the game at such a low level that it is almost inconceivable.   Therefore, if you want to rise beyond the level of an average person, dream big and stay committed!

Thoughts become reality!