4 Michelin-Starred Female Hotel Chefs

Let us take a look today at four Michelin-Starred female hotel chefs.  They are truly at the top of their game.    It is fair to say that the food and drink industry are still mainly male-dominated.  However, in recent years, a number of female chefs have made inroads into the industry though the figures have still remained small.    “Figures from the Office of National Statistics in 2016 revealed that only 18.5 per cent of professional chefs in the UK are women, down from 20.5 per cent the year before.”


We certainly need to encourage more women to become chefs.  We believe that women do have the capability to match their male counterparts as well.   Here, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, we showcase 4 of them.  They are certainly the top gems in the industry.  You will discover more about the trials and tribulations of Angela Harnett, Anne-Sophie Pic, Carme Ruscalled and Helene Darroze.  You will celebrate their successes with them as well.   Is that not fabulous?  Take a peek by clicking on the lick here https://goo.gl/9d5fWt