In this Video, Robin Esrock, a global adventurer, travel writer, TV producer and international TV personality talks about his one-year solo round-the-world backpacking adventure to 24 countries.   Most importantly, he shared with us on the incredible things he learnt about life along the way.     Truly inspiration video!

  1. World Travels – Learn to Travel, Travel to Learn
  1. How to Travel – Most common regrets of people’s lives is not having been to the places that they wish to go to.
  1. Robin met with an accident. Broke his kneecap as a result and the pain was real excruciating that he decided that he has to do something about his life before life ebbs away. Sometimes the world has a strange way of waking you up.
  1. We are not going younger. While the world is not going anywhere per se, we literally are.
  1. Using his $20000 insurance settlement from his accident, he visited 24 countries in 5 continents in 12 months.  The journey was amazing!
  1. This intensity in travelling made him realize that our lives are mitigated by routines – when to sleep, when to eat, when to seek that career upgrading etc.   However, that 12 months helped him to understand that life can be unplanned.
  1. The speaker missed the bus that he was supposed to be on while in Brazil. He was lamenting about it the whole day while at a beach at Rio De Jenario.     However, 2 days later, when he managed to joined up with his friend who was on the bus, his friend’s face was as white as sheet.   What happened was that the bus that he had missed had collided with a truck. That resulted in the deaths of 6 passengers, and one of them includes the passenger that was seated beside his friend. If he had been on that bus, the one dead would be him.
  1. He came to the realization that “Wherever You Are Is Where You Are Supposed to Be”. Live in the Present Moment.
  1. While mountain-biking down the Gringko Trail at Bolivia – a dangerous route along the cliff edge, he realized that one needs to be in control of his / her own life. If not, you will be leaving your fate to others.
  1. Locals will rather help you than harm you. Locals take great pride to show you their culture and traditions. Friendliest country in the world – Albania.   He is not saying that travellers should not let down their guard. However, the world is not as bad as that portrayed by the media.
  1. Bring a smile if you encounter danger. Smile softens the soul.
  1. The next thing is to trust your guts. The more you use it, the more you will understand the signals that it is trying to send you to save you or bless you.
  1. Come on, tick off your bucket list.  You only live once!  Get out of your comfort zone!
  1. People that you meet create the paradise that you are in.   In Ethopia, he met up with street kids who believed that one day they would run in the Olympics.   They did.  In Transylvania, he met a farmer that taught him how to dance truly.
  1. It’s time you quit watching reality TV and get immersed in your own reality. Tick off your bucket list. Come on!
  1. 2 words that will guide you in your travels and your life, “Don’t Panic!”
  1. Set off with the right mindset. Surround yourself with good people.

Have a great trip!