Holiday in the Sun – Japan

Holiday in the Sun - Japan

Japan is known as the Land of the Sun.   Japan is also a hot destination for many tourists from around the world.   Every year, Japan welcomes millions of tourists to its shore.   These tourists simply an experience of a holiday in the sun.  Tourism is also a major source of revenue for Japan.  However, despite the positive figures that tourism has brought to Japan, Japan is still a peculiar country to many foreign visitors.  Here, we have Yuka compiling 10 of the most crucial points that every visitor to Japan should know.  3 of which have been highlighted below.  I am tempted to list a few more, out of the 10.  However, it will spoil the joy of watching the video yourself.  For the rest, do watch the video after the posts.


Wifi Connections

Please check carefully Wifi Connection Information.   Get this piece of important information from counters in the Airport before moving on to your destinations.  If you are going to stay in the big cities, Wifi connection should not be an issue.   You can easily get connected in convenience stores, coffee chains, restaurants etc.  The challenge will only come when you move out to the countrysides.


If you step into any Japanese restaurants, convenience stores or coffee shops, you will staff greeting you with “Irasyamase!”  You simply do not have to respond.  We know that it may sound rude to some of you, but really, it is perfectly fine in Japan, not to respond to “Irasyamase!”


Many Japanese Cannot Speak English

This is just a fact that every visitor to Japan has to accept.  English is not a widely-spoken language in Japan.  The Japanese are either too shy to speak the language or they just simply refuse to speak it.   So, visitors to Japan are highly encouraged to learn basic Japanese terms when they head to the country.

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