Colombia’s Rainbow River Benefits from Peace Deal | Travel

Vicky Baker

Saturday 10 December 2016 07.00 EST

The first thing I felt when I saw the river running red was relief. The colour was more raspberry sorbet than blood red, flowing invitingly beneath soaring, skinny palm trees. Until this point, I had been slightly worried that Caño Cristales, Colombia’s so-called river of five colours, could be to water what the northern lights are to the night sky – unreliable and often nothing like the pictures.

But Caño Cristales had performed on cue. A mix of aquatic plants and tricks of the light combined to turn its waters a whole spectrum of colours. Circular rock pools, known as giant’s cauldrons, added to the spectacle, their shingled bottoms appearing to glow yellow and then green. It was easy to see why this little-known natural wonder is locally known as the liquid rainbow.   Read more…