TravelCone is a travel blog and website started by Tim and Von from Singapore. We are full-time travelpreneurs and love sharing our experience and knowledge of travelling. TravelCone is growing into a valuable source of inspiring travel stories, travel itineraries and highly recommended travel-resources, with the aim of demonstrating how to live a sustainable life of travel, create peak life experiences and make lasting travel memories whilst giving back to the society in every possible way.

Our Travel Blog is unique – We share interesting experiences in various aspects – For the Luxury; For the Adventure; For the Culture and Arts; For the Volunteer-At-Heart; Travels good for Individuals or Family. In every aspect, peak life experiences are created and left an imprint in our memory banks.

How It All Started

We started off, just like everyone else, working long hours in the corporate rat race. We thought we were contented to live that kind of hectic lifestyle till the day we retre. What woke us up was a “Number of Days Left” calculation that we did over the internet. Suddenly, we realised that we had not many days left before we breathe our last. We had better got out of our comfort zone to pursue our dreams.

That was how our Travelpreneur journey started. We have not looked back since.

Fast forward a year later, to date, we have been to many countries and places. We spent lots of fun and quality time with our kids and family members. We are truly living a comfortable lifestyles as travelpreneurs. Travelcone is set up for solely for the purpose of inspiring many more people to lead the lifestyles that you have always wanted to.

Our Goal

The aim of Travelcone is to create and grow a leading community of Travelpreneurs, and Travel and Lifestyle Resources, which offer valuable information, opportunities and inspiration, as well as being a forum where our fellow Travellers and Travelpreneurs can help and inspire one another to live their dreams.

Contact us at to partner with us as Travel Writers or Travelpreneurs.

We look forward to travelling and working with like-minded people.